Slender Man and Me!!! BOOOOOO~~~
Insert the Scariest Man into your own picture. Now with Slender Man and Me, you can transform your ordinary image into the scariest ghost photo!

Have you seen some of the scariest photos of Slender Man and wondered why something like that phenomenon doesn’t happen to you so you can show it off to your friends?
Do you need something to surprise your friends for this coming Halloween?
Slender Man and Me features a dozen of Slender Man props you can add onto your own picture to create a fake ghost photo. Download Slender Man and Me now and now you too can own the scariest photo to show off or to make a prank with.

Works with photos taken with iPhone/iPad Camera or browsed from your photo library.
Choose your Slenderman image
Add Text and Captions.
Upload the Result on your Facebook / Twitter.
Make your Personal Postcard/Letters/Pictures using AirPrint.
Send ‘Picture Email’ to your friends and families.
Save results to Your Device.
Compatible with iPhone and iPad